Services - Web Site Hosting SLA

The web-hosting provider guarantees that the web server will have a monthly availability of 99.5 percent or greater (no more than 200 minutes of outage).

Scheduled maintenance shall not be considered an outage. Scheduled maintenance is maintenance of which the Client is notified 24 hours in advance or occurring daily between the hours of 11:00 pm and 2:00 am.

The web-hosting provider will not be responsible under this agreement for outages due to:
  • Programming errors by Client or its agents.
  • Networking unavailability outside of hosting provider’s control.
  • DNS or email issues due to 3rd party providers.
Outages must be reported to provider within 5 days of occurrence to and must include the web site domain and the dates and times of the outage. If confirmed outages exceeding those specified in this agreement occur during any month, then Client shall receive a one-day service credit. In addition, for every 120-minute period in which the allowable outage is exceeded, the Client shall receive an additional one-day service credit, up to a maximum credit of one month. Services credits will be calculated based on a 30-day month. Service credits will be applied at the next billing cycle.